Stop ingrown toenail pain gives fast - experience fantastic relief from ingrown toenail pain


Those are some of the words people who have Ingrown Toenails use to describe how they feel when they first use TOESIES.  

Marsha from California says " the way, I recommended Toesies to two other people the other day (pedicurists) and gave them the webiste address. One actually suffers herself...and one has several clients who have ingrown problems (you always think you are the only one!...and both plan to put in orders. They were a god-send to me when I was in so much pain -- in fact, this order is merely a "backup" supply."

Tom from Australia says "Thank the  lord for TOESIES!!!! You people have saved me from very scary surgery. It is with utmost gratitude that I am writing you this letter to thank you , for this wonderful product. Words are not enough to describe how happy and PAIN FREE I have been since I purchased your product. For about a year I had been suffering from 2 EXTREMELY PAINFUL ingrown toe nails. But since I bought your product and put them in immediately all pain was gone, and I was no longer constantly terrified that someone is going to step on my painful toes. The product worked immediately all pain was gone and now a few months down the track my nails are growing out properly and nearly all healed. As a teen I was very embarrassed of my toes so I use to cover them up, now with TOESIES I'm no longer embarrassed. You can't see the TOESIES and my nails no longer bleed or have infections. This product saved me from going to an operation, I said if this doesn't work them I'm going to have them surgically removed thank goodness for you guys!!!"

B.R. from Maryland says " I suffered from ingrown toenails on both my big toes for over 20 years.  Every 2 - 3 months I would have to dig and cut them out.   I tried everything I could find to cure them.  Nothing worked - UNTIL I tried TOESIES.   Blessed relief - Not only did it instantly stop the pain, it let my toe heal and the nail grew the way it was supposed to grow. I have not had an ingrown toenail in over 2 years !  I would have gladly paid 10 times the price ". Hi - just adding a comment. It has been almost 10 years as of now and still no ingrown toenail. Oh what a relief it is.

B.J. from Ohio says " I am a waitress at a truck stop and on my feet all day.  I was at a family picnic telling someone about how tough it was to be on your feet all day and especially with ingrown toenails.  My brother overheard me and said he could fix that.  He went to his car and came back with a little plastic package that said TOESIES on it.  I was sceptical but let him put the TOESIES on my toe.  I couldn't believe it ! It stopped the pain instantly."  

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